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Estrella Diamond: 8 Hearts 8 Arrows Cut

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Hearts and Arrows (H&A), also known as 8 Hearts 8 Arrows, refers to a specific type of optical symmetry present in round brilliant cut diamonds, first developed in Japan in the 1980s. The pattern is a series of eight arrows when diamond is viewed from the top and eight hearts when viewed from the bottom. This unique pattern requires diamond cutter who has solid experience and patience to achieve the extreme high level of precision needed.

The benefits of H&A go beyond just the patterns themselves.


While H&A is about precision, a narrow range of proportion also has to be followed to achieve it, which indirectly translates to magnificent light performance.*


H&A ensures equal light distribution that will increase perceived brilliance, as well as creating right amount of scintillation pattern that is more visually appealing to our eyes.

*Due to this, it is common that many mistakenly associate H&A and ideal cut as the same. In fact both are two different qualities and having one does not guarantee another. Achieving both together is what the industry known as “Super Ideal Cut”.

Most diamonds will exhibit a certain degree of hearts and arrows but they are mostly messy or missing. There are very few jewellers that offer true H&A diamonds. Many will claim to be one but only limited few are able to back up their claims with the H&A image. The difference between a true hearts and arrows diamond and one that is near H&A may not be obvious at first sight. The real value can best be appreciated over time under different lighting conditions.