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Conflict-Free Diamond

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Diamond & Platinum Conflict-Free Diamond Policy

It is with pride Diamond & Platinum, along with the global diamond industry, assures our customers that we undertake a zero-tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds. The diamond industry in partnership with the United Nations, governments, and non-governmental organisations regulates diamond exports to intercept and prevent the trade of illegal diamonds. This is made possible through the Kimberley Process, which track diamonds from mine to market. At Diamond & Platinum, we have and always will purchase diamonds through only the most reliable, respected and largest suppliers in the diamond industry who, like us, vouch and adhere to alongside impose the standards established by the Kimberly Process. We guarantee all Diamond & Platinum diamonds are conflict-free. As such, it is without a doubt, if any of our suppliers were to ever be found in violation of such process, we would immediately sever such relationship(s). We promise that we will continuously advocate for any process in the diamond trade that will highly uphold legitimacy in such trades.

About The Kimberly Process

The Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) was billed and established in 2003 by the United Nations General Assembly to inhibit diamonds associated with any form of conflict from making their way into the global diamond market. All KPCS governments are mandated to certify rough diamonds obtained derive from only sources that are known to be conflict-free. The scheme is also extended to polished diamond through System of Warranties by World Diamond Council.

Going Beyond Conflict Free - De Beers Forevermark Diamond

We believe you truly take responsibility as to where your diamond comes from, seeing as you are here. As such, you might like what we are able to offer you here - the De Beers Forevermark diamond. De Beers Forevermark diamond goes beyond the benchmark conflict-free standard. Not only does it trace its diamonds from mine to market, it also ensures strict business, environmental, and social standards are met at its hallmark until its end consumer- you. You can be rest assured as exceptional care is also highly taken in certifying responsible business practices, support for the advancement of women and protection of our natural world, which is inevitably the ultimate source of the beloved De Beers Forevermark diamonds.