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Home / Education / Blog / Popular Stories / Best Valentine’s Day Jewellery Ideas for Her

Best Valentine’s Day Jewellery Ideas for Her

Author: D&P | 2023-04-14

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Valentine's Day may be the hallmark holiday for red roses and chocolates. But if you really want to win your lady's heart this February 14th, perhaps it's best to forget the classics and go straight for the shiny stuff; whether she's a diamond bracelet or rose gold necklace kinda gal, these are the best Valentine’s jewellery gifts for her that'll outshine any bouquet (and have her feeling like a queen). Shop on, gentlemen — let us make this a V-Day to remember.


 heart-shaped ruby rose gold necklace from Diamond and Platinum Malaysia          

White Gold Jewellery 


a pair of diamond heart shaped earrings from Diamond and Platinum Malaysia


White gold jewellery is an amalgam of pure gold and at least one white metal, such as palladium, zinc, or nickel. Perhaps that explains its sleek, elegant look — one that goes with absolutely all complexions and outfits, from casual t-shirts to formal evening gowns. Its cool-toned lustre draws out the brilliance of diamonds, making it a wonderful option for jewellery that’s petite size-wise but big on shine such as diamond pendants or diamond stud earrings.

Needless to say, we’re absolutely smitten by it. And apparently so are many couples; white gold is one of the most popular engagement ring metals available today.


Diamond Jewellery 

sparkle pair of diamond earrings crafted by Diamond and Platinum Malaysia


Diamonds are a terrific opportunity to show your lady some major romantic appreciation. They come in a variety of cuts, types, and clarity. And can be customised in any which way to create a truly unique Valentine’s gift for her. Make a statement with a timeless eternity ring adorned with a river of brilliant melee diamonds. Or, opt for a show-stopping square-cut diamond engagement ring. Too soon to tie the knot? Perhaps consider a pair of diamond stud earrings or a diamond pendant instead.


Platinum Jewellery


platinum diamond pendant from Diamond and Platinum Malaysia


A beloved choice for especially when it comes to rings and jewellery pieces that are designed to showcase and accentuate the gorgeous sparkle of the diamonds, platinum's shimmering silver hue has an elegant allure that just can't be beat. It's famously durable and hypoallergenic — a great choice if she prefers something pretty yet practical. 

Over time, this precious metal also takes on a satin sheen known as patina, enhancing its timeless beauty even further. Platinum chain necklaces, drop earrings, and marquis-cut stones set in platinum jewellery make great Valentine’s gifts for any woman. Look for delicate detailing or intricate designs, and you'll have a platinum piece that will always be in style.


Rose Gold Jewellery 


exquisite rose gold flower ring by Diamond and Platinum Malaysia


Rose gold has been having a major moment — which comes as no surprise. Whimsical and romantic, rose gold jewellery exhibit a distinctively feminine rosy hue that adds immense depth to any ensemble (and flatters all complexions!) A pair of earrings or a rose gold ring is perfect for any woman’s Valentine's-inspired look. Or, if you want a gift for her that’s a little more modern, go for a mixed-metal design featuring rose gold and white gold for a lovely two-tone effect.


The Bottom Line 

Perhaps more than any other thing we give on Valentine’s Day, the best jewellery for her is an expression of love; one treasured not just for its craftsmanship or glamour, but for what it stands for — a commitment to a shared future; a lifetime of special moments shared and cherished.

At Diamond & Platinum, we’re fully on board with the sentiment; which is why we've put together a stunning collection of jewellery perfect for celebrating this romantic occasion. Love brilliantly this February with our Valentine’s day jewellery collection for her. From classic settings to modern designs and sparkling stones, you’re sure to find something that captures the beauty of your bond. Shop our jewellery collection and find the piece that will sweep her off her feet.