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Home / Education / Blog / Popular Stories / The Best Jewellery to Wear for Chinese New Year

The Best Jewellery to Wear for Chinese New Year

Author: D&P | 2024-02-04

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Chinese New Year is a time of vibrant celebrations, delicious food, delightful reunions, and visits to loved ones near and far. Amidst the joyous festivities, selecting the right jewellery to complement your Chinese New Year attire adds an extra layer of significance to the celebrations. The choice of jewellery isn't merely about accessorising; it's about embracing cherished traditions and auspicious symbols that usher in luck, prosperity, and joy for the coming year. 

Whether it's wearing yellow gold that symbolises good fortune or timeless jade for longevity and prosperity, the right jewellery becomes a meaningful part of the experience, elevating the spirit of the celebrations and enhancing the cultural essence of the occasion. Here are some of the best jewellery pieces to gift or wear this Chinese New Year.

Traditional Chinese New Year Symbolism in Jewellery 

Usher in a prosperous new year draped in meaningful gems and metals. Perfect your look with time-honoured red and gold colour motifs, which summon wealth and prosperity respectively. Or opt for pendant jewellery embedded with Chinese zodiac symbols—your destined animal rendered through intricate craftsmanship in gleaming gold or silver. If wildlife holds less appeal, opt instead for the double happiness emblem, its graceful symmetry promising fortune as infinite as its timeless design.

dancing dragon diamond necklace in rose gold from Diamond & Platinum Malaysia

 Certain gemstones also carry unique significance. Lush jade has long protected imperial dynasties, warding off evil so that luck and prosperity has room to flourish. Fiery rubies imbue their wearer with passion and vigour to seize each opportunity the coming year holds. Luminous pearls signify wisdom, their celestial sheen inspiring contemplation under dazzling lantern hues.

Modern Trends and Contemporary Chinese New Year Jewellery 

For those who find traditional wear constraining, contemporary CNY jewels offer new possibilities: modern metals set in bold new forms—think voluminous gold flower style accents or slim ruby bangles—inject personality while preserving the spirit of the season. Not just for the Chinese New Year, these designs can easily fold into everyday use, and will be equally at home beside ballgowns or jeans.

Floral shapes that embrace seasonal rebirth—cherry blossoms, peonies, chrysanthemums— are just as relevant now as they were centuries ago. Their natural shapes swirl ahead of more static traditions. Speaking of which, don’t be afraid to channel vibrant shades when working with both heirloom and inspired elements; rose quartz, imperial jade, raspberry pinks, and golden yellows are the Lunar New Year’s timeless palette.

How to Choose the Right Jewellery for Your Chinese New Year Outfit


Understand the meanings behind the piece you’re choosing. When considering pendants, for example, consider one featuring your personal Chinese zodiac animal in lustrous yellow gold, darling rose gold, or auspicious onyx. Or explore pendants embellished with elegant fans; often bedecked with tassels and used by nobility, these were considered symbols of royalty, wealth, and authority.

lucky pumpkin diamond necklace in rose gold with 25pcs of diamond crafted by Diamond & Platinum Malaysia    lucky pumpkin diamond earrings in white and rose gold from Diamond & Platinum Malaysia

Your Style 

Consider your personal style and wardrobe. Will your outfit have a high neckline like those on a cheongsam or qipao? Any bold pendant or necklace will compete with such well-appointed fabrics. Instead, a delicate pair of pearl and diamond earrings may better serve your Chinese New Year ensemble (see our guide on different earring styles & pairing tips). An elegant gold bracelet or geometric gemstone ring can also help channel prosperity with minimal distraction. Or think about wearing a simple string of luminescent freshwater pearls to demonstrate purity and grace.

Conversely, off-shoulder and plunging silhouettes are the perfect canvas for attention-grabbing jewellery—statement earrings, long-drop pendants, and lariat necklace styles can all add layers of drama to any Chinese New Year look. The longer links elongate the frame while giving your lavish centrepieces more breathing room. More on choosing the right necklace length here.

For outfits with short sleeves, auspicious red and gold bangles will help add sparkle to your every movement without being too over the top. If you’re wearing a solid colour, gemstone jewellery can help add a splash of vibrant colour to liven up your look too.

Final Thoughts 

In selecting your Chinese New Year jewellery, choose something that speaks to you, not just to tradition. Let the adornments you choose reflect what makes you feel empowered and rejuvenated for the year ahead—a fusion of ancestral wisdom and modern expression that can be treasured for years to come.

As the year begins anew, put a unique and luxurious touch on familial celebrations with Chinese New Year jewellery from Diamond & Platinum. Explore our selection of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Adorn yourself in a style that’s inimitably your own, inspired by timeless tradition.