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Home / Education / Blog / Popular Stories / What is the Meaning of Each Ring Finger for Both Men and Women?

What is the Meaning of Each Ring Finger for Both Men and Women?

Author: D&P | 2023-06-16

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elegant diamond ring from Diamond and Platinum Malaysia

Throughout history, alluring tales of love and passion have been told by the finger rings that adorn our hands. But which ring goes where? What is the meaning of each ring? Does the left hand or the right hand really matter? For the fashion-savvy, these pressing questions must be answered. And if you’re just getting started on the ring game, this is a great place to start.


Rings On Different Fingers Mean Different Things 

Rings can have special meanings attached to certain fingers, while others mean nothing at all. In any case, it’s still handy (pun intended) to know what tradition usually dictates.

1. Thumb 

Exquisite platinum wedding bands from Diamond and Platinum Malaysia

Meaning: Wearing a thumb ring on the right hand usually speaks of personal power and confidence. For some, it’s a sign of being in control and taking charge of their destiny. Having this ring on the other hand, however, can indicate that the wearer has strong familial ties — a sign of supremacy, heritage, and secure family dynamics.

What to wear: The thumb is all about subtle but powerful communication. Thoughtfully chosen, the thumb ring can be an empowering accessory. Rings with strong geometric shapes, or those with a contemporary, sculptural vibe are often favoured in this instance. 


2. Index Finger 

Meaning: Historically, the index finger symbolised ambition and mental strength. In more contemporary terms, it can also be associated with leadership — a ring on the left index finger signals inner strength and authority, while a ring on the right index finger signifies trust, collaborative efforts, and friendship.

What to wear: A bold, contemporary look with a hefty emphasis on detail and materials is the way to go with this particular finger. Accenting with diamonds or intricate engravings are great ways to emphasise the index finger’s charismatic personality.


3. Middle Finger 

Meaning: Not to be taken too literally, wearing a ring on the middle finger is most often associated with balance and stability. It can speak to the world of a steady and composed character, keen on reflection and self-awareness.
What to wear: The middle finger screams “I’m here, and I. dare. you. to. ignore. me!”. Bold and bombastic, it commands attention — head-on, without hesitation. Put a chunky statement ring on this finger and you’re likely to turn heads without even trying.

4. Ring Finger 

Charming rose gold wedding bands from Diamond and Platinum Malaysia

Meaning: Widely associated with eternal love, creativity and beauty, the ring finger has an international reputation like no other. A ring on this finger — as is convention — can be a sign of a sealed relationship. The ancient Romans once believed a vein called vena amoris ran directly along the left ring finger to the heart; a belief that has carried over the centuries, where wedding rings and engagement rings are still worn on this finger, even today.

Women rose gold engagement ring crafted by Diamond and Platinum Malaysia

What to wear: A timeless engagement ring or diamond wedding band are classic choices to illustrate the enduring nature of the relationship between you and your loved one.

5. Pinkie Finger 

White gold women ring from Diamond and Platinum Malaysia

Meaning: Whether worn on the right or left hand, a ring on the pinkie finger can evoke a sense of introspection. The little finger exudes charm, wit, and effortless style, while also hinting at intelligence, cleverness, and a determination to succeed. They’re quite the dynamic duo.

What to wear: The key to adorning the pinkie finger is to be subtle. Gunmetal, gold, or thin white gold rings, adorned with gemstones or not, will look great and won’t overpower your overall look. 


Closing Thoughts 

Rings are so much more than just mere fashion accessories. They’re a reflection of who we are, our life stories, achievements, and aspirations. Ultimately, however, the sentiment behind them is subjective; there are no hard rules. So pick the ring that speaks to you and wear it with pride — there’s no wrong way to rock a ring.

At Diamond & Platinum, we take great joy in being part of this amazing journey of self-expression with you. And we strive to empower you to express yourself every which way you choose. With rings for both men and women in a variety of colours, stone, and metal options, you’re sure to find the one that speaks to your heart. 

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