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Home / Education / Blog / Popular Stories / Rose Gold Jewellery Trends & How to Style It

Rose Gold Jewellery Trends & How to Style It

Author: D&P | 2023-09-11

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Rose gold is having a style moment, and — if you're all about subtle glamour — we have news for you: It's here to stay. From bold chains to delicate hoop earrings, this soft blush metal has inadvertently become the accessory du jour. But why is it trending, and how should you style it? Which are the best outfits to wear with rose gold jewellery? We have the answers.

exquisite white gold chain with diamond and rose gold flower pendant from Diamond & Platinum Malaysia

What Is Rose Gold and Why Is It Trending? 

The amount of copper in its composition determines the hue: a lower amount gives a subtle, pinkish-gold tint, while a higher amount gives a deeper, rosy flush.

What Makes Rose Gold So Popular? 

heart-shaped ruby rose gold stud earrings from Diamond & Platinum Malaysiaheart-shaped ruby rose gold necklace from Diamond and Platinum Malaysia

Rose gold has a warm, pinkish-gold colour. Its pastel-pink colour invites adventure and exploration, while its warmth radiates joyous expectation, creating excitement for what lies ahead. 

In fashion, rose gold reflects a move towards softer trends. It’s an antidote to the harshness of urban life — a calm, graceful refuge. Its airy demeanour inspires a softer, pared-back aesthetic, making it easy to wear day to night.

But perhaps the most joyous aspect of rose gold jewellery is its innate ability to light up any look. It’s modern and upbeat, avoiding excess decoration and unnecessary clutter. Its versatile quality will help you make a statement, no matter your age, outfit, or environment. Plus, the metal's charming colour looks good on every complexion. Whether you’re fair, medium, or dark — rose gold jewellery complements all skin tones expertly.

A friendly styling tip: Those with warm skin tones should opt for higher-karat rose gold jewellery in darker reddish hues, while those with pale, bluish undertones would benefit from lighter silvery-pink variations. This approach will flatter your complexion incredibly, giving your pieces maximum impact and finesse.

Who Should Wear Rose Gold?

Put simply, everyone can wear rose gold! Rose gold jewellery isn't just for the young — while it may be popular with the under-30s, this metal has an eye for all ages. It can be combined with a more mature style, or add just enough edge to a bohemian look for a young woman. From delicate earrings to gem-studded statement rings to layered bracelets — its versatility is its best feature.

How to Style and Wear Outfits Rose Gold Jewellery

dainty rose gold twist ring crafted by Diamond & Platinum Malaysiadiamond cuff rose gold ring crafted by Diamond & Platinum Malaysia

Rose gold jewellery is a look-good accessory that will flatter almost any outfit you choose to wear. It adds an alluring contrast to strong colours like navy blue, purple, and emerald — but works equally well with neutral staples in khaki, beige, and black. If you’re still wondering how to style rose gold jewellery, here are a few easy-to-follow styling tips.

For an urban night out, add vibrance with chunky rings, edgy tassel earrings, and multiple layered necklaces. A simple rose gold pendant can mask the plainness of a white tee, adding a fine balance of avant-garde cool. You might also add a few contemporary details of your choice — a dramatic shoulder bag or a bow-tie high sandal — creating a modern look with a timeless twist.

Come daytime, go sweet and subtle. Rose gold jewellery is a great way to dress up the basics of your wardrobe — think jeans, loafers, button down shirts, and plain blouses. A single rose gold locket or tiny hoop earrings provide a subtle sparkle that won’t overwhelm the simplicity of any outfit. Conversely, statement bangles and mid-sized hoop earrings will add intensity to everything from simple maxi dresses to casual two-piece looks.

If you wish to create a more elaborate look, a rose gold choker layered with a few precious pieces is exquisite in all its glory. Or mix and match your rose gold jewellery with yellow or white gold pieces for a sophisticated, eclectic assemblage. Elegant fringed dresses with flirty ruffles or off-shoulder gossamer gowns are the perfect accompaniment for a luxe finish.

Final Thoughts

Rose gold, the world seems to have a bit of an undying love affair with you.

Jewellers and designers are increasingly drawn to this metal for its versatility. Diamonds and semi-precious gemstones pop against the backdrop of its warm hue — drawing greater attention to more intricate details. Rose gold also complements a range of other metals — from yellow gold to platinum — lending a dreamy quality to traditional motifs.

Elevate your look with delicate designs and captivating pieces rendered in eternal rose gold metal — exclusively at Diamond & Platinum. Whether you’re after rings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces, there’s bound to be something here to delight and inspire. Browse our rose gold jewellery collection today.