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Home / Education / Blog / Popular Stories / 5 Tips to Make Valentine's Day Proposal a Success

5 Tips to Make Valentine's Day Proposal a Success

Author: D&P | 2024-04-07

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Planning a big proposal this Valentine’s Day? Forget heart-shaped chocolates and teddy bears — this V-Day, we're setting the bar high. And that means thoughtful planning, timing and, if possible, an element of surprise. But more importantly, it needs to come from the heart. A romantic proposal should feel personal and exciting, not stressful. 
You want a proposal that feels like you—something honest, sweet, and totally unforgettable. Here’s how to do it.


Tip #1: Get The Information You Need

 If you and your partner have openly discussed marriage, don't be afraid to have a direct conversation about engagement rings too! Find out their ring size, favourite gemstones, and the overall style they love. This doesn't ruin the proposal surprise — you don't have to spill the beans about the exact design or your romantic plans. Getting this insider knowledge ensures the ring you choose is one they'll absolutely adore, making your proposal that much more special.

white gold engagement ring with a pave setting & hidden halo from Diamond & Platinum MalaysiaIf you’re planning a full-on surprise, however, subtle questions can help gather information without giving things away. You could ask about her thoughts on diamonds, for instance, or whether she’d prefer a different gemstone for their ring. Alternatively, simply take note of her existing jewellery. What sort of gemstone does she usually wear? Does she prefer delicate or bold styles? White metals or warm tones like yellow or rose gold?

Even trickier still is getting her ring size. If she has a jewellery collection, sneak a peek and take measurements of existing rings. Better yet, have a jeweller size it for accuracy. If all else fails, use a piece of string to measure their finger while she’s asleep. You may read our ring size guide.


Tip #2: Prepare Well In Advance 

While spontaneity is good in some cases, we find the best proposals often revolve around careful planning (especially if you’re throwing a Valentine’s Day surprise). Start by picking a  well in advance. Restaurants and venues often see a huge number of bookings for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, so it’s best to book early, especially if you know the location of your choice is popular among couples.

Get your ring shopping early as well. Sizes and styles can run out, and customised jewellery may take time to arrive. You don’t want to rush this part.


Tip # 3 Personalise Your Proposal 

 4 prongs solitaire diamond engagement ring in rose gold from Diamond & Platinum Malaysia

Sometimes the most romantic places to propose during Valentine’s Day aren't fancy or new — they're the ones that already hold a piece of your heart together. Think about where you have your best memories: that hole-in-the-wall cafe where you had the best first date, the park bench where you first said "I love you," even the cosy corner of your living room where you share countless ordinary-yet-perfect moments. Dress it up a bit, or keep it simple; regardless, these places will always be magical because they're yours and yours alone.

Incorporate elements that reflect your relationship, such as inside jokes, shared memories, or significant milestones. You could write a heartfelt letter or incorporate a meaningful song. It doesn't have to be extravagant or expensive; the most important thing is to make it unique and meaningful to the two of you.


Tip #4: Capture The Magic 

This moment is fleeting, but the memories can last a lifetime. Sure, you could snap a quick selfie, but why not go further? Hire a photographer to hide nearby and capture the Valentine’s Day proposal — the surprise, the joy, the tears (happy ones, we hope!). They can even take some gorgeous post-proposal portraits while you're both still on cloud nine. Not into hiring a photographer?  Ask a trusted friend who can play it cool, or set up a hidden camera to catch the whole thing on film.


Tip #5: Stay Calm And Enjoy The Moment 

Even the best laid plans don’t always work out. Don't get hung up on perfection. More than anything else, your partner wants to see real emotions and feelings during the proposal. Sure, you might be nervous, and your speech might not come out as polished as you had rehearsed, but that's totally fine. You don’t have to be the smoothest orator — in the end, it's your sincerity that matters. Trust that your love will carry the moment.


How To Find The Perfect Engagement Ring 

Explore different diamond types, like the classic round brilliant for maximum sparkle or shapes like pear, oval, or emerald for a unique look. Pay attention to the 4Cs: Cut (affects brilliance), Colour (aim for colourless), Clarity (look for minimal inclusions), and Carat (size). Ideally, you’d want a good balance of the 4cs to ensure spending within your budget.

4 prongs solitaire diamond engagement ring in platinum crafted by Diamond & Platinum MalaysiaAlso consider the ring setting. Would she want a simple solitaire, a halo for extra sparkle, a three-stone setting for symbolism, or a vintage-inspired style? Her lifestyle can help guide your choice — a more active way of life might call for a secure setting like a bezel, while a more extravagant style might lean towards a halo or pave. Personalise it further with a meaningful engraving inside the band.


Sneaky Proposal Surprise Ideas On Valentine's Day 

Valentine's Day proposals can be a little predictable. But you're not about predictable, are you? The element of surprise when proposing can be memorable and incredibly romantic.

luxurious diamond engagement ring with a pave and halo setting from Diamond & Platinum Malaysia    

This is your chance to show her you really get her. Consider:

  • The Misdirection: Fulfil your partner's Valentine's Day plans to the letter. Schedule that spa day, or book that fancy dinner, but layer in your surprise proposal before or after the main event. A park detour, a beach stroll, a romantic drive up Genting Highlands... the possibilities are endless.
  • After-Dinner Delight: Yes, dinner is a classic, but it doesn't have to be predictable. Keep things casual, then orchestrate a romantic surprise on the way home. Imagine a serenade on a KL rooftop, or a spontaneous flashmob with friends.
  • Home Sweet Home (With A Makeover): Returning from a date, your partner opens the door to a magical insta-worthy scene — a room makeover filled with flowers, candles, and perhaps even loved ones waiting to celebrate. This cosy, unexpected twist is sure to take their breath away.
  • The Power of Simplicity: Valentine's Day can be overwhelming. For some, the most touching proposal is heartfelt and intimate. Don't feel pressured to go over-the-top in a public space; sincerity and a perfectly chosen gesture (like an elegant diamond engagement ring) speak equal volumes.


That's It For Our Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas And Tips! 

While Valentine's Day creates a naturally romantic ambience, the perfect proposal is about more than just the date. True love doesn't need a holiday. If the timing feels off or the plans aren't coming together as desired, that’s fine. The best proposal is a heartfelt one whenever it happens, with a perfect engagement ring your partner will cherish forever.

Celebrate the unbreakable bond of love with a personalised diamond engagement ring from Diamond & Platinum. Let your chosen creation shine as brightly as your forever. Our team is no stranger to proposals. If you'd like a little extra help figuring out her ring size or choosing the dream design — but don’t want to spoil the surprise — just swing by one of our boutiques and talk to an expert in-house consultant.