Jewellery Styling Tips & Ideas

Diamond & Platinum’s latest collaboration with fashionpreneur turned wedding planner and stylist, Hui Wen (also known affectionately to some by her Instagram handle, Revelinme) hopes to offer a captivating plethora of fun and fresh jewellery styling tips, inspired by Hui Wen’s infectious passion and positivity. There are so many ways to incorporate diamond jewellery into your lifestyle. All it takes is some playful experimentation to find styles that fit the occasion that life brings your way.


Layering Jewellery to Elevate an Outfit

Casual tee and jeans can look just as polished with the right accessories. Add interest to your choice of casual wear with unexpected elements such as red rubies (often associated with formal, fancy affairs). A symbol of romance and passion, the fiery crimson color of July’s birthstone, layered with edgy chains and pearls, creates a bold contrast with relaxed outfits in a fun way! To add more dimension to the overall look, consider additional layers such as a tweed jacket or other accessories like a stylish pair of sunnies or a Breton hat.

Nail the coveted layered jewellery style by draping chains of different thickness and textures together with a ruby diamond pendant, to achieve an unexpected chic style. Experiment with different metal types, such as mixing white gold chains with strands of rose gold. Textured chains in various lengths and metal type may be a great investment as small variations to the combination could produce a totally different outcome. 

If heavy jewellery layering is done on the neckline, consider subtle jewellery designs for earrings or bracelets. Complete the perfect multi-layer look with similar jewellery stacking on the ringers.

Making a Stylish Statement from Work to Play

Convertible jewellery dresses the same wardrobe up and down effortlessly; making them must-have accessories for those who want to transition from work-to-play with ease. While the 18K rose gold Avant Gardé pendant offers four styling options, the matching earrings offer three interesting styles; from statement dangling earrings to elegant diamond stud earrings.

Brooches give outfits an instant personality and help set the tone of your day or occasion. Simple elegant brooches on a tailored jacket, set the perfect tone for work while quirky brooches give wardrobe staples a fun twist. Put on several animal baroque pearl brooches on a denim jacket and you’re ready for a fashionable weekend hangout.

From serious to daring – consider chunkier diamond accessories to let your personality shine. Don’t be afraid to include statement pendants to outfits. One way to give chunkier pendants a trendy wearable vibe is to pair them with thicker chains to create a more balanced visual effect. If simple elegant jewellery are your go-to for work, then accessorise with bold fun pieces such as dangling statement diamond earrings, interesting rings or tortoiseshell frames when you’re out to play.


Achieving an Effortless Day to Night Look

Maximise your wardrobe by bringing your outfit from day (casual) to night (formal) with suitable accessories. Fine long necklaces are great pieces for a stylish day look. Some long necklaces allow different ways of wearing them. This does not only help to create different styles but also a great conversation starter. Swap out a casual top for a sleek bustier as you transition from day to night; let your diamonds shine! Diamond tennis necklace adds an instant glam to outfits. Whether worn on its own or layered with a statement pendant, irresistible glamour is almost always guaranteed.

Colourful precious stones add interest to outfits. One of the easiest ways to select suitable jewellery for your outfit is to match a key color of your outfit to your accessories. For example, pairing blue sapphire ring and earrings to a flared porcelain skirt helps to enhance the color of the prints.

Diamonds are great gems to go with colorful precious stones. Enhance the glam factor for special occasions by layering a simple diamond bangle with a sapphire or emerald bracelet to create interesting dimensions.

Diamonds in fancy shapes add character to any outfit. While round diamonds are known universally as the most sparkling diamond cut, the wide array of fancy shape diamond options adds an interesting touch. Choose a diamond shape that complements your hand and style.

Pairing Jewellery with Prints and Patterns

Prints and patterns make memorable outfits, especially once you master the skill to mix and match them! If prints make you nervous, start experimenting with more subtle classic options like stripes, checks or houndstooth; and select jewellery that are simpler in design to go with the prints. Another way you can hardly go wrong with layering different patterns is to keep various elements such as romper, handbag and accessories in a similar hue.

Bring ladylike outfits up a notch with equally feminine accessories. Floral inspired jewellery designs have an instant alluring romantic flair, especially pieces created in rose gold. The warm pink tones of rose gold complements outfits with a rosy hue, to the tee.

The art of jewellery layering can be applied to more feminine styles by using finer delicate chains in the same rose gold metal and choosing more delicate diamond pendants. Adding a long strand of pearl necklace brings a sense of timeless elegance to the preppy, posh look as well.

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