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Home / Education / Blog / Popular Stories / Classic Jewellery Essentials Every Wardrobe Needs

Classic Jewellery Essentials Every Wardrobe Needs

Author: D&P | 2024-04-26

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The jewellery we choose to wear can speak volumes about our personality, and even our life story. And while we hold nothing against trendy of-the-moment pieces, it’s the classic essentials that introduce refinement to any ensemble — instantly and indefinitely.

Below, we explore the must-have classic jewellery essentials that every woman should own, along with tips on how to style them for all occasions.


Wrist Essentials 

Bangles and bracelets offer incredible diversity. Available in a multitude of styles, they readily complement any ensemble, ensuring a perfect fit for all occasions.



When we think of versatile styling, we think of bangles. With endless styles and materials —smooth bands, textured metals, dazzling gemstones, or diamonds — there's a bangle to match every outfit. Wear them on one wrist, both, or even pair them with your go-to watch for an effortlessly chic look; and no, you don't need a Rolex to pull it off (though they do look pretty awesome together!) A smartwatch goes just as well.

Puzzle over the style, but don't forget comfort. Some bangles slip right over your hand, while others feature clasps for a better fit. You also have options when it comes to width. Feeling sophisticated? A dainty gold bangle with a touch of pavé diamonds is pure elegance. In a more expressive mood? A wider bangle will echo your sentiments.

luxurious bangle in 18k white gold with  diamonds & rubies crafted by D&P Malaysia


Few pieces possess the enduring charm of a tennis or chain diamond bracelet. Its classic design and simplicity make it a jewellery piece every woman should own.

Just remember not to skimp on quality; diamonds cut to the best standards ensure a brilliance that lasts a lifetime. Always prioritize the 4 C's: cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight. As for the material, that's entirely up to you and your personal style. Choose from classic yellow gold, romantic rose gold, or cool white gold — all are equally stunning.


Everyday Earrings 

Stud Earrings 

Stud earrings sit close to the earlobe. They’re typically small and lightweight, often featuring a gemstone or decorative element attached to a post that goes directly through the ear piercing. The post is then secured with a removable backing to hold the earring in place.

Classic stud earrings, like diamonds or pearls, are perfect for daily use; they add just the right touch of sparkle or colour. Opt for a classic round or princess cut in a white gold or platinum setting for maximum versatility. More elaborate designs, such as cluster or larger diamond studs, lend themselves beautifully for more formal outfits.

While stud earrings are universally flattering, you might still want to explore different styles to complement your face shape. Refer to our guide on different earring styles and pairing tips for more inspiration.


Hoop Earrings

Traditionally circular in shape, any looped design can be classified as a hoop earring. Such earrings tend to sit away from the ear, making them a more prominent option as opposed to studs. The larger and more intricate the hoop, the more attention it demands.

Mini Lunaria Diamond Earrings in 18k white gold with round and tapered diamonds from D&P MalaysiaSmaller diamond-studded or huggie-style hoop earrings are perfect jewellery pieces for daily use. Larger or diamond-encrusted hoops impart more drama for those special nights out. Celebs like Emma Stone, Rihanna, you name it — they all rock hoops for a reason. They're striking, dazzling, and they just scream style.

Ready to start your earring jewellery collection? Your must-haves: a pair of simple stud or a classic set of hoop earrings, paired with a more extravagant pair like drop or chandelier earrings for those glam nights out. These will cover all your basic fashion needs. Once you've got the essentials dialled in, feel free to expand your collection. Mix in different styles that speak to you.


Statement Ring 

Fond of a little attention now and then? A statement ring is your new best friend. Big, bold, and impossible to miss, it's the easiest way to make any outfit feel special. The world right now is particularly obsessed with chunky, textured rings and dazzling cocktail rings that make an entrance. Opt for an oversized gemstone in your favourite colour, or a vintage-inspired solitaire ring for timeless elegance. 

Estrella De Sol diamond ring in pt950 platinum with Estrella diamond & baby Estrella diamonds from D&P Malaysia

Wear yours on your middle or index finger for maximum impact. Or, if you're feeling dramatic, layer a geometric statement ring with a simple eternity band for a totally unique look. Own it — statement rings are all about expressing your style!


Vibrant Gemstone Jewellery 

Vibrant gemstone jewellery adds a pop of colour that can instantly transform your look. Forget muted tones – think rich emeralds, fiery rubies, and sapphires as blue as the ocean — gemstone jewellery shines in every colour of the rainbow.

Gemstones aren't just beautiful; they carry historical significance and symbolism. Emeralds, for example, represent growth and renewal. Rubies are associated with love and passion, while sapphires symbolize wisdom and serenity. So the next time you find yourself drawn to a particular gemstone, take a moment to reflect on the deeper significance it holds. Then choose the one that speaks to you on a personal level.

For relaxed settings like casual Fridays and weekend brunches, consider a charming pair of gemstone studs. If that feels too conventional, choose a single statement piece like a gemstone-studded bracelet or pendant, Or opt for a pair of shimmering drop earrings that catch the light with every movement. Layering delicate gemstone necklaces also creates a playful, bohemian vibe.

Cooler complexions shine in blues and greens, while warmer skin tones glow in oranges and pinks. Mix things around and find the shades that make you feel like a true treasure. Though for the most part, gemstones look amazing on everyone.

Flare Dazzle Fancy Sapphire Bracelet in 18k rose gold with diamonds & sapphires from D&P Malaysia

Versatile Necklace 

A versatile necklace is a classic piece of jewellery that every woman should own. Here are a few things to look out for when choosing one:

Length lessons: Necklaces come in various lengths. A princess necklace (17-18 inches) is the most common and versatile length, sitting just below the collarbone. A choker (14-16 inches) sits close to the neck and can create a bold, edgy look. A matinee necklace (20-24 inches) falls a few inches below the collarbone, perfect for both casual and professional settings. An opera necklace (26-36 inches) is long and dramatic, often worn doubled up or knotted. More on necklace length.

Pendant power: A pendant necklace features a charm or ornament suspended from the chain. Pendants can showcase gemstones, symbolic shapes (like hearts or infinity symbols), or meaningful engravings. They add a unique dimension to your style, drawing the eye and sparking conversation. Read more about finding the right pendant shape for you.

Chain reaction: The chain style of a necklace can change its entire aesthetic. A delicate cable chain offers a more restrained elegance, while a chunky curb chain certainly packs a much louder punch. Beaded chains, like pearl strands, lend a classic, feminine touch. Figaro chains, with their alternating oval and circular links, have a very vintage charm. Mix and match different chain styles for a uniquely curated look.

Material matters: Necklaces, like most jewellery, can be crafted from various materials, each with their own unique properties. Gold is classic and luxurious, with options like yellow, white, and rose gold. Platinum is rare and durable, ideal for holding precious gemstones. Alternative materials like stainless steel and leather offer more options at a lower price point.


Shop For Jewellery Essentials 

Everyday jewellery should be anything but ordinary. Discover the building blocks of a sophisticated jewellery collection with Diamond & Platinum. These must-have jewellery pieces will become extensions of your personal style; gracing your everyday moments with effortless brilliance, and those special occasions with refined elegance